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MyPPE Vending has a deep outbound call center that can help you source and find high traffic locations to place your PPE vending machines. We have a team of in house location procurement specialists that we use to locate prime locations for our own vending machines. We go beyond when it comes to support, coaching, and business development. After you purchase your MyPPE Vending machines we’re here 24/7 to help you

We help all MyPPE Vending operators get and keep the best available locations for their MyPPE Vending Machines.

We’ll Help Find Locations For You!

With two different locating programs, we have something to fit every new operator. Our locating services are performed by our staff, not an outside agency. The two locating programs we offer include:

We Pay You! – If you’re comfortable talking to potential locations, we provide all the tools, training, and support. You do the work. We actually refund[1] a portion of your vending machine purchase price back to you for every location you secure for yourself!

Pre-Sold Appointments –If you are OK talking to potential locations, but not so comfortable with “selling” to them, we’ll have our in-house outbound call team reach out to qualified locations in your area and pre-sell your services and set an appointment for you to meet the decision maker. You simply follow up on the appointment, confirm it’s qualified and in your area, and secure the location.

No matter which service you pick, we provide location assistance to you for the life of your business. If a location just isn’t working out, we make sure your machine and options are optimized. If it just doesn’t work out, we’ll help you secure a new location for that machine.


Location, Location, Location. This holds true for so many businesses, yours is no different. You can have the best equipment and the best service, but if you don’t have paying customers, it means nothing.

Prime Traffic Locations With High Traffic Are:

If you’re ready to take the next step then click on our FTC Disclosure link below to request your state specific disclosure doc. We’re excited to help you get started!

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[1] Per location refund amount depends on your initial buy-in entry level. (only on first location placement)

3 Machine Purchase – $100 refund/location
5 Machine Purchase – $150 refund/location
7 Machine Purchase – $200 refund/location
9 Machine Purchase – $250 refund/location