Vending Machine

Training Videos to Help You Get Rolling

My PPE Vending’s extensive video library provides step-by-step instructions on how to complete a wide range of simple tasks from changing a motor to setting up pricing. For further assistance, please contact our service department at (855) 698-3634.

Unboxing Your New MyPPE Vending Machine

How to Plug Your Vending Machine In

How to Open Your Vending Machine

How to Turn Your Vending Machine On

How to Install The Antenna

Pulling Out the Tray, Replacing Coils, and Replacing Their Noses

How to Remove/Place a Divider

How to Load Product

How to Do a Test Vend

How to Set Pricing

How to Do a Test Purchase

Pay Range Device Reset

How to Close and Lock Your Machine

Reading Your Planogram

Removing Pallet Wood From the Legs

How to Load Machine Onto Dolly

Loading the Vending Machine for Delivery