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MyPPE Vending ROI Calculator

Easily estimate your gross profit margin with our ROI calculator. The calculator can configure the number of sales per day it would take to make the gross profit you want. With the projected number of machines, sales per day and item cost you can find what the probable rate of return would be for your vending machine investment. The information can help you determine how to price individual items as well as create some basic forecasts. The advantages gained by using the calculator are helpful to determine:

  1. How many machines you want to use
  2. Your cost of items
  3. Chargeable vend price per item
  4. Vends per day

These basic vending industry assumptions can help you determine your potential daily, weekly and annual gross profit. Your ROI is readily available for future projections of business growth, investment needs or for tax purposes. Controlling your bottom line has never been easier.

These numbers are based on a machine vending 5 days/week and not 7, thus a conservative estimate. Keep in mind this will provide you with gross sales estimates before adjusting for expenses such as monthly unit finance costs, insurance, location commissions and product costs.

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* The calculations above are based on 5 days/week, 4 weeks/month and 52 weeks/year.